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Ayse Kulin, The Princess of Words

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Today you turkey from the field of literature the most widely beloved writer bahsedeceg Ayse Kulin. Ayse Kulin’s works have been translated into many languages ​​and are known around the world. His style and the brilliance of his observational talent not only increased the clarity of his works, but also entered the most read list. I will share his life and works with you. I hope you will have the chance to read his works.

Ayşe Kulin was born in 1941 in Beyazıt, Istanbul. Her father’s name is Muhittin, who is Bosnian, and her mother’s name (Hatice) is Sitare, who is Circassian. She went to primary school in Ankara. She did not attend school for a year due to a slap from his teacher. In the third grade, the name of the school was Ankara College. When she finished primary school, she studied as a boarding student at the Department of Literature at Arnavutköy American Girls’ College in Istanbul for 7 years. She graduated in 1961. Meanwhile, he decided to become a writer.

In the summer of 1960, she met Mehmet Bey in Büyükada. Mr. Mehmet is the son of the manufacturer Ismail Bey, who studied in England. Mehmet took the promise of studying at the university and married in 1961. The wedding is held at Hilton and they are going abroad. They settle in London after Rome and Paris. But she could not go to college with two boys born in a row.

She worked as an editor and reporter in various newspapers and magazines. For many years, she worked as a stage producer, art director and scriptwriter in television, commercial and cinema films.

In 1967 she was the editor-in-chief of an automobile magazine for two years. Her articles were published in Cumhuriyet Newspaper from 1977 to 1982. She worked for Dünya Newspaper for a while. For a long time, her articles were published in the magazines named Number 1 by Sabah Group. She worked as a columnist in Milliyet upon the interest of her name Aylin novel.

Her first book consisting of stories, “Turn Your Face to the Sun” was published in 1984. He scripted the story “Gülizar” in this book under the name of “Kırık Bebek” and this movie won the Ministry of Culture Award in 1986.

In 1986, she won the Best Art Director Award of the Theater Writers Association with his work on the TV series “Ayaşlı ve Kiracıları”, where she worked as a stage producer and artistic director.

In 1996, Münir Nureddin Selçuk’s biographical work, Bir Tatlı Huzur, was published. In the same year, her story called Foto Sabah Paintings won the Haldun Taner Short Story Award, and a year later her book of the same name won the Sait Faik Story Award.

Upon the warning of her readers, Ayşe Kulin had her books “Füreya”, “Sevdalinka” and “Köprü” read on TRT Radio 1 without her permission and sentenced the institution to a total of 163,200 TL in material and moral compensation.

She was chosen as the author of the year by Istanbul University Faculty of Communication with her biographical novel titled Name: Aylin, published in 1997.

She published her short story Wide Times in 1998. Wide Times became a TV series in 2007 under the direction of Serdar Akar.

Sevdalinka, which was selected as the novel of the year by the Faculty of Communication in 1999, and Füreya, another biographical novel in 2000, were published in 2001, The Bridge, Breathless and Like a Red Rose in Me in 2002, Snowdrops and Night Sounds in 2004.

Ayşe Kulin’s Books

1984 – Güneşe Dön Yüzünü, (öykü)
1996 – Bir Tatlı Huzur, (biyografi)
1997 – Adı: Aylin, (biyografik roman)
1998 – Geniş Zamanlar, (öykü)
1998 – Foto Sabah Resimleri, (öykü)
1999 – Sevdalinka, (roman)
2000 – Füreya, (biyografik roman)
2001 – Köprü, (roman)
2002 – Nefes Nefese, (roman)
2002 – İçimde Kızıl Bir Gül Gibi, (deneme)
2002 – Babama, (otobiyografi)
2004 – Kardelenler, (araştırma)
2004 – Gece Sesleri, (roman)
2005 – Bir Gün, (roman)
2007 – Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş, (öykü)
2008 – Veda (roman)
2008 – Sit Nene`nin Masalları, (çocuk kitabı)
2008 – Umut, (roman)
2009 – Taş Duvar Açık Pencere, (derleme)
2009 – Türkan, (biyografik roman)
2011 – Hayat – Dürbünümde Kırk Sene (1941-1964), (biyografik roman)
2011 – Hüzün – Dürbünümden Kırk Sene (1964-1983), (biyografik roman)
2011 – Gizli Anların Yolcusu, (roman)
2012 – Bora’nın Kitabı, (roman)
2013 – Dönüş, (roman)

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