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The First Step of Marriage in Turkey “Family Approval Cerenomy”

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After the marriage proposal in Turkey, family approvel cerenomy is an important process for the couple. First of all, our couple’s families get together and meet. This first meeting of families with each other is the first step before exhibiting traditions. This meeting usually takes the form of a few hours of conversation in a cafe or restaurant. In this meeting, the families meet each other and talk about daily life. After this first meeting, a joint day is arranged for the family approval ceremony.

Let’s Come To My Real Ceremony!

The traditions of Anatolian culture, which are the subject of movies, start with this ceremony. This ceremony is organized for the bride-to-be’s family to give consent to the couple on the way to marriage. The boy’s family visits the girl’s house with gifts. This meeting is the first step of the traditions on the road to marriage.

What to Wear?

We have more or less ideas about movies and TV series, and even a lot of models can be found on the internet just under this title. Still, let’s remind you of the recommendations made. The dress to be preferred for the bride-to-be candidates should be both very stylish and comfortable. Men, on the other hand, should not give up on suits. The only problem in a country like Turkey, the textile paradise is pretty much the alternative.

What About Gifts?

Of course, as in every meeting in Turkey on this ceremonial gift exchange it is also very important. Well, what is taken on the way to this ceremony? Groom’s side; In order to fulfill the promise traditions, the flower must go to the bride’s house with chocolate on a tray. In addition, even if it is not necessary, the groom’s side can also bring word jewelry to the bride-to-be.

What Kind of Flower?

In general, orchids and roses are preferred for family approval ceremony flowers. The important thing here is not what kind of flower it is but how showy it is. Therefore, what makes the bouquet important is its decoration.

Fancy Chocolate?

There is a saying in Turks, “Let’s eat sweet, talk sweet”. For this reason, sweet treats are made in such important meetings, meetings or ceremonies. In the past, desserts such as Turkish Delight and baklava have recently been replaced by chocolate. Of course, it is important that the chocolate is as showy as its taste. Generally, chocolate is prepared in silver trays or bowls in chocolate shops only for such occasions.

If you have decided to have the chocolates prepared on the tray, you can make a nice gesture by choosing the picture or written chocolates.

Let the Ceremony Begin?

Having bought flamboyant flowers and fancy and delicious chocolates means that the road has appeared for the groom-to-be and his family!

You can attend the ceremony as a nuclear family or by taking a few more people you want to be with you. A crowded ceremony can make the atmosphere warmer and more intimate. At the same time, the width of the bride-to-be’s house should be taken into account when planning how many people will be visited.

The groom-to-be’s family goes to the bride’s house. First we chat, everyone asks about each other’s situation. Meanwhile, the bride-to-be and her friends start cooking Turkish coffee in the kitchen.

Some brides-to-be put salt or hot pepper in the groom’s coffee. The groom should drink this, even if it is painful. Although it may seem like a joke for the day, this joke also has a meaning. The bride-to-be puts the groom-to-be to the test with salted coffee. If the groom continues to drink the coffee despite its bad taste, it becomes evident that he will bear all difficulties for his future wife. However, if he cannot drink the coffee and quits halfway, this is not welcomed by the bride’s family.

We will continue, but if you are wondering how to make Turkish Coffee and Turkish tea, I leave the links below.

How to make Turkish Coffee?

How to make Turkish Tea?

Coffees are offered by the bride. Let’s not go without mentioning that coffee should be started from older people.

After the coffee service, the ceremony speech starts.

The groom’s father or a spokesperson chosen by the man takes the floor. She asks the consent of the girl’s side to this marriage Of course, although the answer is a certain question, it makes the groom quite sweaty. After the girl’s approval, the bride and groom-to-be kiss the hands of the elders. After this hug and celebration the rings come with a tray.

Of Course A Showy Tray

When it comes to the ceremony tray, we come across two options. Let’s talk about the coffee tray first. For this, any stylish tray in the house can be evaluated.

The product that is needed and needs attention is the tray where the rings will be presented. Ring trays can be made by an outside company or prepared by the bride-to-be. The colors to be used in the tray can be determined according to the dress and decorations.

Why Ring? Why Left Finger?

While the ready-made rings are on the tray, let’s remember briefly why rings are worn and why the left finger is preferred.

The inhabitants of Egypt 2800 years ago believed that circles or ring-shaped objects represented eternity because they had no starting and ending points. This belief became a tradition by the Romans after the Egyptians and became more widespread.

The reason why the wedding ring is worn on the left hand and penultimate finger today is related to a wrong knowledge of human anatomy in the past. At that time, it was thought that the main vein in our circulatory system started from this finger in our left hand and went to our heart. Thus, the rings worn here symbolized the heartfelt devotion of the married couple. Although scientifically incorrect, this tradition continues.

Let’s Continue The Ceremony

Rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If there are those who will wear jewelry from the elders of the family, they will also attend the ceremony. Afterwards, the speech ceremony continues with treats.

What to Serve?

The treats to be offered during this ceremony may vary from region to region. However, the most basic ones are Turkish coffee and tea. More snacks are offered as food: such as pastry, pastry, cake, olive oil wrap, cookies, salads. Yes, we call these snacks in our country. (What are these? Hang out with us for a week, you decide to settle down just for the meals.)

In some regions, hot food can be served directly. Along with the meal consisting of rice, meat and salad, salads and olive oil dishes are served.

After the meal, dessert service is started.

As the preparations for the ceremony can tire the family, these treats can be ordered from outside.

As you can see, this is one of the conditions sine qua non for families, one of Turkey ceremonial tradition. Of course, families do not say no after our couple has an agreement, but this ceremony continues to be held as a respect for them and the traditions. Hope you witness this exciting moment one day …

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