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Anyone who comes to Turkey as tourists, of course, historical, cultural and leisure purposes, although show great interest in Turkish cuisine and desserts. I know you can’t wait to taste these delicacies and get to know the culinary culture. Now I present you some of these amazing desserts

The oldest Ottoman record about baklava is in Topkapi Palace kitchen notebooks from the Fatih period. According to this record, baklava was cooked in the Palace in Shaban in 878 AH (1473). In the middle of the 17th century, Evliya Çelebi, who was a guest at the mansion of Bitlis Bey, far from Istanbul, wrote that he ate baklava. In Vehbi’s “Surnâme”, which tells about the magnificent circumcision wedding held in 1720 to the four sons of Sultan Ahmed III, it is written that baklava was served to all guests.

From records like these, it is understood that baklava, which is known in almost every region of the Ottoman Empire, was consumed mostly in the palace, mansions, banquets and festivals.

It can be said that the effort to please the dignified wealthy and dignitaries has transformed baklava from a simple pastry into a sophisticated culinary product that requires mastery.

Some researchers, such as Bert Fragner of Bamberg University, note that the eating and drinking tendencies in the Ottoman Empire were shaped according to the taste and preferences of Istanbul high society.

It is known that chefs who are masters of making baklava are preferred in the palace and mansions and that the baklava dough is opened very thinly. As a test, the cook to be hired was given baklava as well as rice. The master of the cook was understood by cutting the dough. The mastership of the cook was accepted if the sliced ​​chards were both very thin and in dimensions that would completely cover the inside of the tray.

Baklava tray was brought before the owner of the mansion before entering the oven; he used to lay a Hamid gold vertically on the baklava from a height of half a meter. The cook is considered successful if he pierces the golden dough layers and touches the bottom of the tray. The gold in the tray went to the cook as a tip. The baklava tray would be sent back to the kitchen if the gold was caught between the layers of dough. If this show was held in the presence of the guests and failed, the host would consider himself disgraced.

How to Eat Baklava? First, you will take the baklava slice and turn it over. Thus, the syrup concentrated in the lower part of the slice will pass towards the upper part and the taste balance between the top and bottom of the baklava will be achieved.

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