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It is also the most delicious proof that big and big things can be achieved with little material. Corn starch is the work of the perfect harmony of flour and water because it is itself. Of course, he knows that he owes a lot to the walnut, milk and rose water that come into play after the leaves are prepared with these ingredients. Moreover, he is exactly a palace noble

You know, there is information about the historical journey of Gülla, whose story was shaped in the hands of elegant people like him. Let’s take a look at the story of Gülpak, which has not been able to get rid of its shyness despite all its fans, only appeared for a month and then disappeared, has always been traced on the palate with its color, smell and taste.

It is said that Güllaç first emerged about 600 years ago, when people living in Ottoman times tried to preserve their corn starch. When considering how to store the starch taken in sacks so that it does not spoil, infect or be damaged by moisture, it comes to mind to mix it with a little flour and water and store it by forming a dough. In this way, it is thought that the starch will not fly away and will deteriorate later.

Thus, the first rose peach leaves are prepared and kept in homes. When it is necessary to use starch, it is picked from these hard leaves as desired, crushed by hand and used as powder starch. However, it has been a day to wet these starch leaves. Here, of course, milk came into play immediately. The milk also watched rose water, and the leaves are no longer just a saving material for preserving starch, but are now becoming the crown of the table. It was enriched with ingredients such as walnuts and pomegranates after entering the palace kitchen.

Due to the rose water in it, the name was given as “rose bowl”, and it became known as güllaç in time, just as “milk soup” was rice pudding.

Not long after, at the end of the 1400s, the palace kitchen recognized him thanks to Ali Usta of Kastamon. Ali Master, who soaked the last starch doughs left in his hands during the Kastamonu trip of the palace residents with milk, found himself in the kitchen of the palace thanks to the magical beauty of gülla, and even became the dessert maker of the palace.

In the past, until today, the thinner, as white as cotton, we can see from one side of the rose petals. It is important to use genuine rose water in the preparation of the dessert. The ratio of milk and sugar should not make the dessert too juicy or too dry. The ones added to it or on it change according to the palate.

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