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How to Make Turkish Coffee?

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A wide-mouthed porcelain cup, finely ground Turkish Coffee and a quality water-filled foam is the most helpful tools when making your Turkish Coffee.

Who are just starting to love Turkish coffee, who love it like crazy but do not feel ready to make it… Now, we open our file on how to make Turkish coffee.

Let’s make it together!

What Is Required To Make Turkish Coffee?

First of all, it is necessary to have the right tools and materials to make a good Turkish coffee. A wide-mouthed porcelain cup, finely ground Turkish Coffee and a quality water-filled foam is the most helpful tools when making your Turkish Coffee.

Before you can prepare a good Turkish coffee, your coffee must be fresh. Turkish coffee that you will make with an old coffee leaves a sour taste in your mouth. So make sure your coffee is fresh. The simplest way to preserve the freshness of coffee is to buy it in small quantities and buy a new one as it consumes.

Our second need is a Turkish coffee set. Coffee pot and a Turkish coffee cup. The coffeepot is copper, which allows you to get the best taste from the coffee. You can also make good coffee in steel coffeepots, but the best coffees always come out of the copper coffeepot.

The most important point to be considered about water is that it is cold drinking water.

Here’s how to make Turkish coffee? How many calories is Turkish Coffee? (Kcal) questions answer and Turkish Coffee recipe with foamy …

How to Make Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee; it is usually prepared in 4 ways. Before coffee is cooked, the drinker is definitely asked how they drink it.

Sugar is not added to plain coffee. Low sugar coffee is made by adding half a teaspoon of sugar, medium sugar coffee 1 teaspoon of sugar, multi-sugar coffee 2 teaspoons of sugar.

First, we put coffee according to the number we will make in our coffee pot. Let’s make two. We add two teaspoons of coffee to our coffee pot. Then we add two cups of room temperature water to the pot. We determine how much sugar we will put last. We mix it lightly and let the coffee mix completely into the water.

Now coffee is ready to cook. We turn the bottom of the stove a little less in the middle or in the middle. If we cook the coffee very quickly, we lose the foam. When our coffee, which is cooked slowly, foams and starts to swell, we take some foam into the cup and immediately put the coffee pot on the stove. This was to take my first move. We take my second stone by boiling the coffee lightly.

Here it is ready! We also answered the question of how to make plenty of frothy coffee. If you have a Turkish coffee machine in your home, you can also use it, but it may not be as delicious as Turkish coffee prepared by cooking slowly in the copper coffeepot.

Finally, since we made our coffee, let’s take a look at the benefits of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, which is a panacea with its caffeine and ingredients; It has an important role in strengthening mental activities, staying awake, improving the social aspect, reducing high blood pressure, against depression, strengthening bones and accelerating metabolism.

Why Drink Water Before Turkish Coffee?

It is in the coffee culture to have a glass of cold water to prepare the mouth taste for coffee while serving Turkish Coffee. Since coffee is facilitating and enjoyable after the meal, water is drunk before coffee and mouth cleaning is done; so that the taste of coffee can be better…

It is in our culture to take coffee on red meat dishes.

A well-made Turkish coffee is covered with foam and is given to the foamiest cup, guest or oldest person in Turks. In order for the coffee to be frothy, it is necessary to choose the right size coffee pot. Therefore, in a well-equipped kitchen, there are coffee pot sets up to the size that can take from 1 cup to 4 cups.

Plain Turkish Coffee is 7 kcal, Sugar Turkish Coffee is 42 kcal, Central Turkish Coffee is 17 kcal.

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