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Caramelized milk pudding

Kazandibi Dessert is a milky dessert prepared by the Palace and folk cuisine from chicken breast and flavored by caramelization.

Palace Cuisine in the Ottoman Empire is not just a cooking place; At the same time, it is a research base that conducts R&D and constantly makes new recipes and develops new flavors. So much so that the masters working in the matbah are given opportunities to show their creativity. Here, Kazandibi dessert is exactly the result of the development of Tavukgöğsü dessert in this way.

After the chicken breast is cooked, sugar is sprinkled into the tray and the dessert is spread evenly while it is hot. Then the sugar under the embers is burned. Because of the burning of the sugar, this dessert was called cauldron. Especially those who want to taste a little bit more burnt sugar in milk desserts prefer Kazandibi more.

It is consumed more especially in summer because it is sweet with milk. It is popularly consumed during Ramadan.

In this way, these sister desserts, which were made in the palace and public kitchens for many years, were made by the dessert shops in Istanbul and started to spread.

Nowadays, liars of kazandibi are made like fake chicken breasts made without real chicken breast inside. It is low cost and effortless to build.

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