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Some of our soldiers who went to Yemen during the Ottoman period continued their business when they returned to their homeland, where they dealt with dessert making. Kunefe, on the other hand, started to be made in our country by saying that it came to Mersin in the 1930s and to Hatay in the 1940s.

Considering the family tree of künefe, which is considered a dessert from the sherbet, it is not known how many generations it belongs to, but it can be guessed that its ancestor was kadayif dessert. However, there is an uncertainty as I mentioned above about the city of origin. For this reason, we witness the disputes between our provinces such as Hatay, Urfa and Mersin. But if we need to tell about its origin, it would be more correct to say that it is a dessert based on Arab culture.

The most important features that distinguish this dessert from kadayif are that it is thinner than kadayif and it is cheese inside. Thanks to the yeast added in its production, it gained flexibility and was processed into our memories. The künefe cheese, which provides integrity between the two pieces of kadayıf and has a very flexible structure, has served as a bridge by stretching between the fork and your mouth. Until you dare to cut with your teeth …

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