Turkish tea is one of the most important cultural elements of Turkey. People in Turkey just stop to drink Turkish Tea when they are sleeping. Offering Turkish tea to each other is a ritüel during the day.

When you wake up in the morning, there is tea before breakfast, with breakfast, after breakfast. When you go to work, you get your tea first and after lunch, you drink tea again. You will get tea on the floor again. We’re not even talking about 5 teas. What about the evening? After the dinner tea is brewed at home, food is prepared on the table. No one touches the foods until tea comes, because everything is good with tea.

But what makes this drink amazing? Of course, we need a teapot, black tea and water to brew tea.

We start by making sure our teapot is clean. It will not be possible to make very good tea in the teapot with lime. It is also important that we use drinking water, not tap water. We fill the teapot with 2/3 of drinking water and place it in the stove.

When the water boils, we put about 3 spoons of tea on the top of the teapot. If you want to make the tea more viscous, our suggestion will be to add 1 teaspoon of sugar with the tea.

We pour the boiling water with 1 finger on the kettle. We fill the bottom of the teapot with cold drinking water again. We keep the tea on the stove until the water boils over medium heat. If you think that the tea is ready for serving after the water boils, you are wrong. The infusion and beautification phase of tea begins here. We leave the tea to infuse slowly in the stove where we cut the gold.

How do we know that tea is brewed?

The best method to understand that the tea we boil and let it brew in low heat is boiling, and to see if the tea collapses after about 5 or 6 minutes have passed. If there are teas floating on the surface, it is not ready yet.

We realize that the tea is completely brewed when we do not see the tea leaves on the surface of the tea. Because the tea drank completely and collapsed to the bottom.

Often, after the tea is boiled and brewed, an error is made to take the teapot from the stove. The tea on the kettle continues to be boiled, as it is an intense drink to watch and the clearer the water boils, the clearer the tea will be. Meanwhile, the stove is always the shortest.

How is tea served?

When serving the tea, first pour 1/3 of a cup of thin Turkish tea over the kettle. Approximately 1.5 bars of the glass is filled with tea. If we love tea more intensely, we can prepare it with a brew. This corresponds to a ratio of approximately 2.5 to 2.5 fingers. The rest of the glass is filled with boiling water. Our Turkish tea is ready.



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