Yummy! Delicious Turkish Foods!

Turkey has a large cuisine with delicious tasty dishes. Because of its location from Asia to Europe, all delicious cuisine make Turkey amazing about foods. Around the UK and Europe, nearly all of the people enjoy Turkish restaurants. But everyone wants to taste them at Turkey also and no one who did it regret about this.

Turkish foods make your holiday amazing. Here a list of Turkish foods that i advise and you should try, make your holiday a dream holiday in Turkey.

Turkish Breakfast Time!

Yummy Turkish breakfasts. Of course, to try all delicious foods for breakfast going to a Turkish breakfast is the best. This is not a touristy thing. Turkish people love to do it at weekends. They know how to enjoy life. You can find it on everywhere but local people use to go to small villages for organic and handmade ones. The other option of Turkish breakfast with the best views for them. Some traditional tastes for breakfast:

Turkish Tea

Local people addictive to Turkish tea. Its a tradition also. When a guest comes to you, or if you go to a small shop they will order a tea or make a tea for you. You will love the small cups. Most of the restaurant serves it limitless.


Eggs with tomato, fresh pepper, butter. Its looking basic but its taste make you fan of it.


Turkish bagel covered with sesame.


Basically patty. Include vegetables, meat mince or whatever you want. But the taste of it never basic.


Braised meat. Especially at breakfast, they serve it with eggs as an omelette.


Pastry. Especially with white Turkish Cheese.

Main Courses for Lunch and Dinner

People in Turkey don’t eat for being alive. They want to eat the best and live the best. So they prefer to make time to cook or eating at out. All around the world people use to prefer a quick meal at lunch. In Turkey no. Many restaurants just working at lunchtime for people. You can find a similar menu at lunchtime also. So I give my advice together for lunch and dinner.


Turkish soup. You can find the best for you on the menu.

Döner Kebab

Don’t need a description about it I think. It’s all around the world. But the real and most tasty ones in Turkey.

Iskender Kebab

Put small pieces of pitas, make them wet with melt butter, döner on it with yoghurt and tomatoes sauce.


Turkish Ravioli. Maybe 15 years before you can find it just at homes but you can find all around the streets hand made. Its served with yoghurt, melt butter and tomatoes sauce.


Turkish Pizza. With really tiny bread, meat mince and vegetables made so small pieces for the top of the bread.

If you like eggplant and meat you should try also karnıyarık, and güveç.

Traditional Desserts

In Turkey, people love to make the best final with a delicious dessert after the main course. Here are some


With sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts or pistachio. Sweetened and held together with sugar-butter syrup.


A traditional dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry, sugar and butter syrup, and layered with cheese. You can add pistachio, clotted cream or ice cream on top of it.


This traditional Turkish dessert consumed especially during Ramadan. Made with milk, pomegranate and a special kind of pastry. Güllaç prepared with corn starch and wheat flour and contains walnuts between the layers that are put in milk.


Caramelized milk pudding.


Turkish delight.

And of course Turkish Tea and Turkish Coffee…

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