Although it is generally seen as a problem for men, many women also have thin hair and hair loss problems. I recommend you to read the article I wrote about hair transplantation. Let’s talk about eyebrows. Besides the genetic characteristics of the prominent eyebrows of Turkish women, there is another secret: “Eyebrow transplant”. You will find all the answers you are looking for about eyebrow transplantation in my article.

Let’s Look At The Eyebrow Issue In More Detail.

Eyebrow thinning is commonly caused by eyebrows, accidents or aging. Some women can have thin and sparse eyebrows from birth. So much so that even though it is very young and has no wrinkles on the face, a more tired and older appearance can occur due to the thinness of the eyebrows.

What Can Be Done To The Eyebrows?

Apart from painting in every make-up with eyebrow pencil, microblading method can be used as a different solution. However, the most natural look can of course be achieved with eyebrow transplantation. The advantage of eyebrow transplantation is to obtain a younger appearance by providing a more natural and permanent result.

Who Can Have Eyebrow Transplantation?

Not everyone can have natural and full eyebrows from birth. That’s why you may need eyebrow transplantation to plump your eyebrows. Especially if you have very thin and sparse eyebrows. In addition, the eyebrows may appear sparse or patchy due to some conditions that cause complete or partial eyebrow loss.

Apart from aging and genetic eyebrow disorders, the most common reasons for eyebrow transplantation are excessive eyebrow removal, radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment, injury, piercing, tattoo, burn.

If you decide to have an eyebrow transplant, you should decide correctly how your eyebrow shape should be. It should be a beautifully contoured and elegant brow. In other words, when trying to make eyebrows, it is necessary to be careful not to make eyes.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?

If your eyebrow has a sparse and shapeless appearance, more natural looking solutions can be provided with eyebrow transplantation instead of staining techniques.

In those who are structurally sparse and suffer from loss of eyebrows as a result of illness or accident, DHI (direct hair transplantation technique) is applied and grafts are taken one by one from the nape area with a hair transplant robot or micro motor. The eyebrow, mustache or beard area where the hair follicles will be placed are numbed with local anesthesia. Micro channels are opened with lateral slit to the area to be transplanted. Hair transplant specialists place the grafts taken into the opened channels one by one.

Eyebrow transplantation is the attempt with the most positive results in hair root transplants. If the direction of the eyebrow transplantation performed with the DHI method is adjusted correctly, it cannot be distinguished from the natural one. Hair follicles taken from the nape area are made between 250 and 1000 strands on the scar, sparse area or eyebrow contour depending on the area to be transplanted.

Is it Painful?

The brow area is numbed locally. The process ends in 4-6 hours. Normal life can be returned immediately. However, your surgeon should work delicately and delicately for the best results. The angle and direction of the brow roots are very important. For this, it is necessary to get support from experts and experienced people.

Process After Eyebrow Transplant

After the eyebrow transplantation, the hair follicles transplanted may grow for a certain period of time due to its nature. Hair follicles that have grown may need to be shortened. For this, support can be obtained from hairdressers who have taken eyebrow removal. Redness in the area where the eyebrow is transplanted disappears within a few weeks. There is no scar in the place of the grafts taken from the arms, legs, chest or neck. After 3 weeks, some of the transplanted eyebrows may be shed. A few months after the shedding, all of the sheds grow again permanently and the regeneration of the hair root takes another year or two. After the eyebrow transplant performed under local anaesthesia, slight swelling may occur, but it will pass in a day or two.

Anyone who does not have a medical disease that will prevent hair transplantation can have eyebrow transplantation at any age. With the DHI technique, a natural appearance can be achieved without scarring.

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