Uğur Şahin, CEO of BioNTech, founded in Germany, spoke to the BBC. “No serious side effect of the vaccine has been detected,” Şahin said. Şahin also shared the details of the research with the public.

His wife, Dr. Professor Uğur Şahin, who directed BioNTech in Mainz with Özlem Türeci, was a guest of The Andrew Marr Show, which was broadcast on the BBC.

Şahin, who became a figure recognized by the international public in a short time, made statements about the corona virus vaccine developed with Pfizer.

Stating that the corona virus vaccine developed has no serious side effects, Şahin said, “The most important side effect we have encountered so far is the slight pain felt in the injection area. In some volunteers, mild and moderate fever was also observed in the same period. “We haven’t encountered any short and medium term side effects that would cause us to halt or suspend the study so far,” he said.

Making a statement at the BBC, Şahin said, “We have the safety data we have obtained from the participants for more than two months and we will continue to collect data for more than two years and to see not only the short and medium term side effects of the vaccine, but also the long term effects. But so far, security data is completely effective, ”he said.

Şahin stated that it should also be monitored whether the vaccine strengthens the immune system against the coronavirus every year and more data is needed on this subject.

May Reduce Infection by 50 Percent

Şahin said he is very confident that the corona virus vaccine can reduce the possibility of transmission of the disease by up to 50 percent. Saying that the transmission will decrease dramatically, Şahin said, “I am sure the vaccine will be effective in the transmission of the disease. It will be effective even if not 90 percent. “Certainty can be talked about next year,” he said. Şahin stated that the researches on this subject will continue with the analysis to be made in the coming months.

He also stated that the vaccine can be administered every year, every two years or every 5 years, depending on the response of the antibody. Making a statement at the BBC, Şahin said, “He is working to distribute the vaccine around the world in April next year. This does not have a dramatic effect on Europe and America, but it may help to have a ‘normal winter’ next year. This winter will be very difficult. We will not have a serious impact on the number of infections this winter period. “If everything goes well, we will start distributing the vaccines at the end of this year and at the beginning of next year.”


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