While the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced that the hotels will be opened as of June 1, hotels in Antalya took a series of measures within the scope of coronavirus measures. “The facilities that are certified will be one step ahead. On the other hand, we do not want to fill everywhere with people wearing masks and gloves, because people are coming for a vacation. Vacation means freedom,” said President of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (PHMA).

A circular was issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the measures to be taken in the accommodation facilities in order to carry out the tourism activities safely during the controlled normalization process related to the coronavirus.

In this context, all general areas of use, including the pool surroundings in the tourism facilities and the shades on the shore and sunbed groups, will be arranged in accordance with the social distance plan. Accommodation facilities will accept guests at a determined capacity while maintaining social distance rules.

At the entrance to the facility, guests will be provided with thermal camera or contactless fire measurement applications, disinfection carpets (mats) and hand disinfection will be provided. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves will be available to be given to guests. Guests will be asked to inform them of their chronic conditions and, if any, whether they have had a virus in the corona where they have been in the past 14 days.

In case of determination of the guests or personnel with suspicion of the disease, the authorities will be informed, the patient will be isolated until the transfer is taken by the healthcare institution and their services will be provided by the personnel who have taken security precautions. Contactless payment will be received from the customer as much as possible.

Regulation in General Usage Areas

Multipurpose halls with food, meeting, sitting, show, play, cake, conference halls, lobby, reception, entertainment, animation areas, bar, discotheque, sales units, seating, waiting, eating-drinking arrangements in outdoor areas, and pool environment and All general areas of use, including shades and sunbeds on the shore, will be arranged in accordance with the social distance plan. Social distance conditions with each other will not be required for the guests who stay in the same room or are from the same family.

Automatic door system for toilets

Hand sanitizer or antiseptic will be available at the entrances of general use areas and general customer toilets, and in different places of wide general use areas. If possible, the entrance doors of the public toilets will be arranged as an automatic door system. If it cannot be regulated, the front doors will be kept open by placing a cover properly.

Products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel will be offered to the guest for single use. SPA units such as Turkish bath, sauna, massage units will not be put into service in the facilities that do not have a Healthy Tourism Certificate. Beach and pool towels will be offered to guests in closed bags or by staff.

Genel kullanım alanlarında düzenleme

Circular, culture and tourism offices as well as Turkey Hoteliers Federation, was sent to Turkey and Turkey Hoteliers Association of Tourism Investors Association.

“The Certificated Facilities Will Be One Step Ahead”

Ülkay Atmaca, President of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers (POYD), made a statement to the Ihlas News Agency (UAV) on the subject. Referring to the certification period initiated in the hotels, Atmaca stated that the facilities receiving the certificate will be one step ahead.

Atmaca said, “The certificate will not really force the industry inside, we will provide training by recording the work we have done for years. We have a fever measurement as a new staff.

Tuvaletlere otomatik kapı sistemi

“Holidays mean freedom”

Underlining that social distance will be paid attention to everywhere in the pool, bar, restaurant, by the sea, Atmaca said, “The fires of the tourists coming to our country will be measured at the airport.

Vacation means freedom. This is not a hospital, this is a star hotel. Therefore, we will take our guests from the door as much as possible and enter the reception at the reception with the fastest and least contact form and send it to the room. The rooms will already be disinfected, “he said.

Atmaca stated that they have set the application of 60 meters in restaurants and 2 meters in deck chairs. “We will spend the most important time on this issue in training our staff,” said Atmaca, who will adapt the innovations as soon as possible. Atmaca said that Antalya is the first city that hosts the most tourists in the world.


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