President Erdoğan announced the decisions taken after the cabinet meeting. The decisions are taken to relax the measures within the scope of coronavirus and which will be put into effect as of June 1 are as follows;

Removal of restrictions will be applied with social distance mask and cleaning conditions

Intercity travel will start on 1st June

Public employees will turn back to work on 1st June

Museums and touristic places will opened to visitors on 1st June

(The restriction will continue in hookah cafes and entertainment venues.

But restrictions will not be applied only in venues where hotels host their own customers. So restrictions will not effect to hotel customers.)

Beaches, parks, gardens will be opened in accordance with the social distance rule.

Restaurants, cafes, spa centers will open on 1st June.

Youth centers and libraries will open on 1st June.

Nurseries will open.

Open air concerts will be opened in accordance with the instructions.

Resting facilities on the road routes will be put into service again.

Restrictions will continue for people under 18 and over 65.

Turkey closed the schools fort this academic year in this month.



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