When Turkey will open its doors to tourists?

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said in a live broadcast, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy answered the questions of Merih Ak from the NTV team.

Here are the lines from Minister Ersoy’s comments:

“We started a certification program for new rules. The certification program includes regular inspection. It includes control, training, mask and distance rules. It can be seen whether the enterprises have certification. Volunteer businesses will participate in this program, which includes auditing.

Minister Ersoy shared their plan about domestic tourists.

If nothing goes wrong, I hope tourism will start with the domestic tourism movement like May 28. According to the data, domestic flights may start at the end of May”

Ersoy answered the questions about tourists coming from abroad

“We watch the developments in countries with intense tourists. After mid-June, foreign tourism traffic begins.”

Afte the reopening plan of Turkey’s tourism, many people who want to make holiday in Turkey focus on airlines and travel agencies announcements.

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18 Responses

  1. Jacqueline myles says:

    Will all hotels be open

  2. Gillian Coakley says:

    Do you think English people will be allowed into icmeler on 24june an will everything be open an safe

    • Feyyaz Cetin says:

      Till the mid-June, it will be clean for all of us. But Great Britain people have a 3rd place who visit Turkey. Because of this reason, I think if touristic places will reopen to foreign visitors, British people can visit it also.

  3. Sheila says:

    What about small family run apartments in icemelar

  4. We are supposed to go to marmaris on the 10th july do you think we will get ther

  5. We are booked to come to the marmaris area 22July until 20 august,what chance??

  6. Lucy says:

    Hi me and my friend are meant to be coming to marmaris this year in July the 13th do you think will still get to Turkey this year

    • Feyyaz Cetin says:

      Turkish airlines planned flights after 14 th June this year. This was official news but we need to follow the news. I think its a strong possibilty that you can be at there on time.

  7. karen says:

    i have a flight booked 28th May with turkish airlines but it has been cancelled…im wondering why this is if tourism is beginning

    • Feyyaz Cetin says:

      Turkish Airlines announced that they will start on 14th June for abroad. The government plan is started tourism for foreigners at mid-June. I can understand your feelings; I had tickets for April and cancelled. Hope to be there in July.

  8. Tindrande says:

    What about the swedish people are we welcome too😳?

  9. Margareta Larsson says:

    What are u doing with tourists over 65?? Out evry sunday 2-8 !HaHa!!

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