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Turkan Saylan; “An Extraordinary Life of Modern Turkish Woman”

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First of all, we would like to present some information about the education and career of Türkan Saylan. Then we want to share with you the main reason for the respect he received.

We want to indroduce you Türkan Saylan who has shown struggle and great effort about education and health topics and one of the most important female figüre in modern Turkey.

As you witness the life of Türkan Saylan, who has achieved countless successes both in the domestic and international arena, you will feel the same respect for her.

Born on 13 December 1935 in Istanbul, Türkan Saylan graduated from Kandilli Girls High School and Istanbul Medical School. Saylan, an idealist socialist, started his career in Istanbul University Medical Faculty, Dermatology Department in 1968.

In this way, her works that will make a sound in the world about leprosy have gained momentum and started to be appreciated.

Saylan, who worked in England and France, became a professor in 1977 and between 1982-1987. She worked as the Head of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, and between 1981-2001 she was the Director of Leprosy Research and Application Center of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.

Her internationally accepted works have transformed from theory to practice and became a source of inspiration. This ideal situation of women in modern Turkey and was also a source of inspiration to young girls.

Türkan Saylan started her leprosy work in 1976, known as leprosy, and established the War Against Leprosy Association and Foundation. She received the “International Gandhi Award” in India in 1986. Saylan, who served as a consultant to the World Health Organization on leprosy until 2006, was also a founding member and vice president of the International Lepra Union (ILU).

Of course, there was another reason for Türkan Saylan’s throne in the hearts. She devoted her life and savings to the girls’ reading through the foundation she founded.

The national project given to the education of girls who want to receive the education that they call “Kardelenler” (Snowdrops) most, but whose family is not enough, has made a great noise. to create a public opinion in Turkey with the support of many artists, the project has succeeded. Her sensitivity is still remembered with great appreciation. The girls who supported by her remember Türkan Saylan with a big respect.

Türkan Saylan also has many national and international awards in the field. Lets have a look to them.

British Dermotology Dowling Club Award (1978)

Turkey Woman of the Year Award (1990)

Melvin Jones Award (1991)

North American Clinical Dermatology Association Honorary Member (1996)

Service for Kemalist Thought Award İncirli Lions (1996)

Istanbul University Ataturk Principles and Revolutions Award (1996)

Kuvayi Milliye Award Haliç Rotary (1997)

Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Award Turkish Lions Foundation (1997)

Turkey Ziraatçiler Union Solidarity Award (1998)

75th Anniversary Award Turkish Women’s Union Şişli Şb. (1998)

Uğur Mumcu-Muammer Aksoy Award ADD Istanbul Branch (1999)

Rıfat Ilgaz Culture Center Honor Award (2000)

Italy Foyer des Artistes Institution Award (2001)

Patient and Patient Relatives Rights Association Award (2001)

Ataturk Award America / Ataturk Society (2001)

Art Institute Honorary Award (2002)

Atatürk / Contemporary Award World Atatürkist Organizations (2003)

Outstanding Service Award Yıldız Technical University (2004)

Education Award TED College (for her contributions to education)

100. Year Professional Achievement Award Rotary Club

Human Rights Award İzmir Karşıyaka Municipality (2004)

Best Educator Award in Turkey – Tempo Magazine (2004)

The Most Hearted Woman of the Year Award (2004)

Puduhepa Award-Adana Kütür Art Association (2005)

Professional Services Award Ankara Emek Rotary Club (October 2005)

Social Peace Award Barış Radio

Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Solidarity Award

SODEV Social Democracy Foundation (2005)

Be Good Hearts Award Turkish Heart Foundation (2006)

Successful Business Women of the Year Award Dünya Newspaper (2006)

ÇEK Education Award, Contemporary Education Cooperative (2006)

Vehbi Koç Award (2009)

Kabataşlılar Association Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Intellectual Human Honor Award (2009)

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