It is now gradually beginning to normalize in Turkey, and tourism is expected after May. Turkey almost paradise for a nice summer vacation. Because it has all kinds of coves or beaches such as sandy, stony, wavy and shallow. The Telegraph travel editors chose the best place to do sea vacation in Turkey. If you are planning a sea vacation after the corona, it is useful to take a look at this list.


Dalyan is a place where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. According to the ancient stories, Dalyan, which is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of our country, was formed by the tears of a woman’s river. Another feature that makes this place special is the caretta carettas … The Times newspaper declared Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, where Caretta caretta turtles lay their eggs, as the ‘Best Open Area of ​​Europe’.

Iztuzu Beach

The main reason for coming to Dalyan. The golden 6 km sandy beach at the skirt of Radar Hill to the Dalyan Strait. Extending to the river bed, Iztuzu owes its naturalness to caretta carettas.

The beach is not used from May to September from 20.00 to 08.00 in the evening. The best way to experience Dalyan is to join a boat tour and the boat tour you will attend will take you to Iztuzu Beach accompanied by all the beauties of Dalyan.

Çeşme is one of the Turkey’s most popular holiday route … first door to open spaces, the company renewed each season and very animated with beautiful beaches from each other. Turkey ‘beach club’ in this small town of Izmir introduce fun entertainment never ends. Afternoon parties and live music venues that last until midnight necessarily require reservations.

When the fun and delicious food and quality service are combined, it is not possible to leave here satisfied. There are also many places to swim in the region. “Çeşme” is famous for its historical stone houses and beaches suitable for windsurfing due to the fact that it winds 360 days a year. The most beautiful places to swim are Ilıca Beach, Ayayorgi Bay, Teke Beach and Delikli Bay…


When you enter the borders of Alanya, you will be the captive of a turquoise color that dazzles you first. It extends to the sea and its rare beaches. Trees that will not come across you everywhere such as medlar, lemon, orange, cascade, fig, carob and banana trees adorn the streets. Its nature and history are also …

This place is famous for its beaches arranged according to natural and international rules. The beaches are made up of wide beaches and many of them have Blue Flags … The color of sea water in Alanya turns from blue to turquoise on the shore. In still weather, it is possible to see the bottom fish with the naked eye. Cleopatra beaches to the west of the city center and Keykubat and Begonvil beaches to the east. Outside the city, Alara, İncekum, Avsallar, Türkler, Payallar, Konaklı in the west; Oba, Tosmur, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak, Demirtas beaches in the east…


Side, which is established on a peninsula with a length of 1 kilometer and 400 meters width, is a fascinating place with its magnificent gate surrounded by walls, ancient harbor, Apollo, Athena, Dionysus temples, baths and old houses. Ideal for those who love sandy beaches, Side has famous beaches both in its center and within a few minutes. Also, the Blue Flag is present in many beaches of Side.

Other beaches of Antalya

Turkey’s tourism paradise of Antalya with many world-famous beach. One of the most beautiful aspects of Antalya is that it has magnificent beaches both in the city center and with its azure seas, which can be reached in a very short time like a few hours. While some of the beaches from Antalya are highlighted on the list, others are gathered under the title of Antalya… For example, Konyaaltı Public Beach, Mermerli Beach, Örnekköy Beach…

Kalkan is a touristic neighborhood in the west of Antalya, connected to Kaş … Kalkan, located in the land between Antalya and Fethiye, where Lycian Civilization lived and where many cities were established, does not have any city ruins or settlements around this period. It has wonderful beauties to swim.

Kalkan public beach, Kaputaş beach, Fırnaz Bay are the first places that come to mind… But Kaputaş beach is perhaps the most beautiful among them… Kaputaş is a canyon mouth beach with a beach mixed with gravel and sand. The waters coming from the mountains and boiling under the sea turn the sea into a magnificent turquoise.


The road from pine to Ölüdeniz is 14 km. At the end of the downhill road, you get a great blue. This is Belcekız Beach. Belcekız Beach, located in Oludeniz, the popular town of Fethiye, is known as the starting point of boat tours.

In ancient times, people on boats and ships came to this area with boats to get drinking water. The son of the captain of one of these ships fell in love with a very beautiful girl named Belcekız when he went to the shore to get water just like the others. The boy had to stay on board, but they met whenever he came to take water.

However, one day the child died in a severe storm. Belcekız realized that the child he loved was dead and committed suicide by jumping off the rocks. It has a unique beach with its wavy sea like chador, greenery around it and fine sand. The most beautiful is the colorful paragliding gliding over you while swimming…


Bodrum is a beautiful place for summer and spring. Bodrum, where local and foreign holidaymakers flock in the summer season, is calmer and another beautiful in the spring. With its warm sea, not overwhelming sun and not sweating in the evening, now is the time of Bodrum but unfortunately we have to stay at home.

Fortunately, it is gradually moving to the normalization phase and you can add Bodrum to your list for this summer. You can find a facility according to your budget and accommodation in this holiday resort where many facilities are still in service. Bitezi, Kadıkalesi, Yalıkavak, Gümüşlük and Turgutreis are among the most beautiful places for sea vacation…


It is located near the ancient city of Patara and is one of the biggest and beautiful beaches in this region. Patara beach is the longest and most magnificent of the surrounding beaches. The depth of the 12 km long beach reaches 200-300 meters in places. The sand is thin. The sea is shallow. It is also suitable for windsurfing due to its almost never stopping wind.

Patara beach is under protection because it is among the places where sea turtles (Caretta caretta) lay eggs. Sets were created in order to prevent sand-dunes carried from Patara beach inside, to the ancient city. It was even used as a backdrop for desert scenes by Yeşilçam films at the beach time.


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