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Uludag Ski Center: Winter Months’ of Holiday Center in Turkey

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Uludag ski resort with Situated 2543 meters altitude in the province of Bursa is among the most popular ski resorts of Turkey. Uludağ, which attracts many tourists both in winter and summer, is one of the most touristic spots in Bursa.

So Why Uludağ is the Most Preferred Place of Winter Tourism?

You will experience moments full of adrenaline with Uludağ, skiing, snowboarding sports; you can take souvenir photos full of surrounding beauties such as scenery and glacial lakes; It is a great place where famous artists give concerts throughout the year, but you can enjoy the fireplace and wine while entering the new year with your loved ones especially during the Christmas holidays.

After a comfortable sleep thanks to the intense and clean oxygen, an eye-catching view welcomes you again. After this perfect start; Amazing food, modern tracks, SPA centers and comfortable rooms continue to pamper you.

Accommodation in Uludağ

Uludağ ski center is a holiday center full of various hotel options where you can stay.

Prices may vary at any time, but you will still have a partial idea of ​​how much you will spend.

Food in Uludağ

Of course, the prices in Uludağ ski center are slightly higher than in the city center, but they have very affordable prices for holiday areas. When Turkey’s tea addict people to give £ 1 tea are becoming quite uncomfortable; It is annoying for someone who drinks at least 5 cups of tea a day.

Great Turkish cuisine is known for being very affordable as well as great food. When you order a meal, many appetizers are placed on the table, and then you are full of food. In Uludağ, varieties such as sausage bread or meatball bread are widely consumed due to their being economical and delicious. There is a price difference between Sarıalan and the hotel region. Sausage bread is £ 3.5 in the hotels area and £ 2 in Sarıalan.

Daily visitors usually bring their own food. Where there are no trees he is burning his barbecues and cooking sausage and meatballs; You can only enjoy it when you live it.

Uludag Ski Center Activities

Although skiing comes to mind when Uludağ Ski Center is mentioned, there are many activities to do. One of the reasons for Turkey to be among the most extensive ski resort is to offer an alternative to many sports fans.



Ice Skating

Snow engine





The ski season of Uludağ Ski Center opens at the beginning of December. It can be opened earlier and later depending on the snowfall. The season that starts in December can continue until the end of March, depending on the snow.

There are approximately 20 tracks in Uludağ, which consists of 5 hills. The tracks have difficulty levels. It is divided into easy, medium and difficult. The longest of the tracks in Uludağ is 2000 meters and the shortest is 500 meters. Thanks to the single card system, you can benefit from the following facilities with your daily tickets.

Uludağ Ski Resort Tracks

Uludağ ski center, which is one of the most preferred ski centers in our country, is built on two hills named Fatintepe and Kuşaklıkaya. There are more than one runway in this area, which is divided into two as 1st zone and 2nd zone. The tracks in zone 1 are the ones with easy difficulty level, so I recommend this area first for beginners. The tracks in the 2nd zone are generally for professional athletes.

Renting Ski Equipment

If you come to the mountain for skiing, you need to bring or rent your necessary equipment. If you are skiing constantly, it would be better to buy your own equipment. But if you are rarely skiing, you can rent them from various businesses on the mountain.

Chairlift in Uludağ

There are multiple ski lifts on the mountain, both for the municipality and for private enterprises. If I say that the chairlift is the cable car without a cabin, I would have made a close description. You can ride the chairlift with your ski equipment or without equipment. You can get on with your equipment and climb to the summit and slide down to the same point. You can get on without equipment, warm up in the facility at the summit and return to the same point again with the chair lift.

What to Wear When Going to Uludağ?

While wearing multi-layered clothing makes your journey more comfortable, it prevents you from feeling cold or sweating. Thermal socks are both indispensable parts of the ski holiday and one of the magnificent pieces that you can wear when your feet get cold during the journey. Always have a spare glove because you might not be able to stand it along the road and want to play with the roadside snow! Do not miss a waterproof boot or snow boot that will allow you to walk comfortably in the snow. Even if possible

How To Get To Uludag?

The distance between Istanbul and Uludağ is 165 kilometers, and the distance between Bursa and Uludağ is 35 kilometers. You can climb the mountain with many transportation options. You can reach the mountain with your own vehicle, cable car or minibus.

Transportation from Istanbul to Bursa

Transportation to Bursa at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

There are buses at the airport that go directly to Bursa. Buses are generally preferred when traveling between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Bursa. With Burulaş, the service of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, you can easily travel from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bursa. You can buy your bus ticket from Istanbul Konfor online or via the call center.

Transportation from Istanbul Airport to Bursa

There are buses at the airport that go directly to Bursa. With Burulaş, the service of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, you can easily travel from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bursa. You can also buy your bus ticket from “Istanbul Konfor” company online or through the call center.

Apart from these, you can take the HAVAIST buses to the Yenikapı IDO ferry pier and go to Bursa by ferry.

If you have decided during your trip to Istanbul, you can go to Bursa by sea bus from Kabataş, Eminönü or Sirkeci piers, which are close to the historical peninsula.

Transportation from Bursa to Uludağ

Transportation to Uludağ by Minibus

You can use minibuses as an alternative means of transportation to reach the mountain. Minibuses depart from Tophane district and take them to Uludağ.

How to get to Uludag Ski Center from the Terminal?

The most affordable way to get to Uludağ Ski Resort from Bursa bus terminal is to take advantage of the municipal buses at the exit of the terminal. It is possible to reach Bursa Cable Car by taking the bus number 94. It is possible to reach Uludağ Ski Center by taking the cable car and taking a 25-minute journey with Bursa view. If you are going to be crowded, it will be more comfortable to take a taxi from the terminal.

How to get to Uludag Ski Center from Bursa Airport?

After your flight, you can reach the Uludağ Ski Center by providing transportation to the Bursa Cable Car with the buses outside the airport. If you have a lot of goods and crowd, you can get a more comfortable transportation by agreeing with transfer companies or taxis.

How to get to Uludağ Ski Center from Güzelyalı BUDO Pier?

If you came to the city with the BUDO ticket you bought from, if you will go directly to Uludağ after the expedition, the most economical means of transportation is to reach the cable car with the F-1 bus at the pier exit.

How to get to Uludağ Ski Center from Mudanya BUDO Pier?

There are municipal buses at Mudanya BUDO Pier, as in every part of the city. You can reach the Bursa Cable Car by taking the bus number F / 3. You can reach Uludağ Ski Center after 25 minutes.

Transportation to Uludağ by Cable Car

If you want to go to Uludağ by cable car, I say you have made the best decision. Turkey’s longest cable car line to have extra arouses interest. You will ensure your transportation by watching wonderful views and without worrying about traffic. You should go to Bursa Teferrüç district to get on the cable car.

You can take the bus from Bursa bus station or Mudanya to the Teferrüç cable car. The cable car consists of 3 stations. The names of the stations are Teferrüç, Sarıalan and Frog Kaya (Hotels area). You can get on the cable car from the first station or from the second station, Sarıalan area.

Which Buses Go to Bursa Cable Car?

15A-15B: Merinos–Kent Meydanı–Teleferik

E12-E13: Uludağ Üniversitesi–Teleferik

4B: Çekirge Devlet Hastanesi–Teleferik

G3: Temenyeri–Teleferik

S1-S2: Heykel –Teleferik

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