I know you all like Turkish Television Series and asking may question about it. At my first article about Turkish Television Series, I told about “The Best Turkish Television Series Ever” and make my list by the help of IMBD points. But that list depended on the local Turkish people reviews. What about the other people who live abroad and watching Turkish television series as a foreign series. Now time to talk about this.“The Best Turkish Television Series On Abroad” list.

The Best Turkish Television Series On Abroad

Muhteşem Yüzyıl

Especially women fan crazy for this. Most of my friends asking me where can they find similar clothes. The story about Suleyman the Magnificient. I met the main character Süleyman (Halit Ergenç) at İstanbul close to Maiden’s Tower. He was so kind, and you can understand how he got his success at the first moment.

Of course, one of the reasons that made the “Magnificent Century” so successful was Meryem Uzerli’s acting performance. The character of “Hürrem” played by Meryem Uzerli both aroused historical interest and attracted great attention.

Osmanlı’nın en parlak dönemini yaşadığı dönemi konu alan “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” Kanuni Sultan Süleyman ve Hürrem Sultan karakterlerinin üzerine kurgulandı. Osmanlı döneminde haremi de ele alan “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”, dönemin tarihi olayları ele alarak insanların yoğun ilgisini çekmeyi başardı. 

“Magnificent Century”, which is about the period when the Ottoman Empire lived its brightest period, was built on the characters of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan. “Magnificent Century”, which also dealt with the harem in the Ottoman period.

“Muhteşem Yüzyıl” was shown in 70 countries in the continent of the “Magnificent Century” Middle East, Balkans, America and Europe. Due to the story of Hürrem, “Magnificent Century”, which also received great interest in Ukraine and Russia, was one of the best examples of the rise of Turkish TV Series.


Ezel, adapted from “The Count of Monte Cristo”, one of the most popular in the history of the Turkish Television Series. Ezel is an excellent fiction, reveals the emotions that all people have inside of them, such as mind games, love, betrayal and revenge. The Ezel series, which gathers many different people per screen due to the script’s screenplay, deserves its audience to be on this list with all its episodes and great acting performances.

The story begins betrayal of Ömer from his friends and lover. Ömer, who is the child of a middle-class family. Afterwards, Ömer, who made a great return, appears as the character of Ezel. In pursuit of revenge, Ezel finds himself in very different realities.

You can not get enough of watching Tuncel Kurtiz, the acting performances of Haluk Bilginer and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, who participated in the final season, make the series starring Kenan İmirzalioğlu much more valuable.

Aşkı- Memnu

I talked so big about this Turkish television drama. At first, I just said “come on its so much drama” but the same as the other men, watched it hiddenly. Come on guys we did it.

When Adnan lost his wife eleven years ago, he moved away from social life to his mansion and gave all his attention to his daughter Nihal and his son Bülent. Heirloom veterans live in one of the most important mansions in Istanbul with their half-French nanny and nephew Behlül. Adnan Bey met with Bihter, the daughter of one of the well-known families of Istanbul, many years later. He begins to remember the emotions he forgot.

Bihter’s mother, Firdevs Hanım, is a very ambitious woman. She competes with her daughters. Even the sudden death of her husband did not affect her much, she remained the most remarkable face of every important invitation.

Bihter feels grudge against his mother, who he holds responsible for his father’s death, and feels ashamed to be called Firdevs’ daughter. When he meets Adnan Bey in solitude and sadness, he takes his safe hand and starts walking towards his new life.

On the other hand, Adnan Bey is the most attractive co-candidate for Firdevs Hanım. While trying to get her, her paths cross with her daughter Bihter, and a long-lasting the conflict begins between the mother and daughter.

Bihter meets passion while looking for peace, trust and happiness in the mansion of Adnan Bey. Behlül and Bihter drift towards each other. Forbidden love will affect everyone in this family individually. Innocence is overshadowed by clouds of betrayal. Passion and love loyalty are captured

Turkey still made the sketches, Instagram, with plenty of roller gifs in social media such as Twitter, of course, this series was opened to the world. We still watch this forbidden love, which is watched curiously in Europe and Arab countries, on Kanal D from time to time and we are not tired of watching it. I think we, as Turkish society, have adopted this series very well.


The passionate love story of Boran and Sıla in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, which has no windows facing each other, is located in lands with high courtyards, narrow streets, between its ceremonies and heart! In the East, the roots of the Western world, Sıla, grows with a lie. Sıla is forced to marry Boran, whom he has never seen, to save the life of her brother, whom she never knew. Now Sıla is in a huge house, a prison that has indestructible rules. Sıla plans to escape every day, but she is not aware that what she is trying to escape but her love to Boran growing slowly and make it hard every day.

Shared by the leading roles Cansu Dere and Mehmet Akif Alakurt, the series became very popular when it first appeared. The series music belongs to Sezen Aksu and Sıla Gençoğlu, who has the same name as the series. Sıla also performed the song “Sıla / Töre”.

Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki

Poor Osman. All Turkey cried for him and hated her stepmother. Akarsu family is at the centre of the story. The disintegration of this family in the aforementioned time, the effects that family members receive from this disintegration, and the life stories of each shaped under these effects are exhibited. Ali, who is a sailor, is learned by his wife, Cemile Akarsu, the great difficulties and negative conditions of this situation have permanent effects on Cemile, Ali and his children that will shape the rest of their lives. Their struggle with life and with each other continues by carrying the traces of many traumas.

The series, in which Erkan Petekkaya, Ayça Bingöl, Muhammet Uzuner, Wilma Elles, Mete Horozoğlu, Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, Aras Bulut İynemli, Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Emir Berke Zincidi shared the roles in the first day of their broadcasting. So much so that the fame of this period has also moved abroad and was watched with great interest in Greece, Serbia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. So why not watch when there is history, family drama, and struggle for life, right?

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

We think what we just said for Cansu Dere is also valid for Beren Saat. Beren sequences that play both in Turkey and abroad watched with great interest. The drama series, which tells the effort of clinging to the life of the young woman Fatmagül who was brutally raped, is still remembered even today, with the lines of the aunt of Fatmagül, Mukaddes. This series, which left a deep mark on the Turkish audience, broke rating records in India and Pakistan, where sexual violence cases were unfortunately common, as they were released in the Middle East and South America. Although it does not meet the expected figure in Russia, we can not say that there was no significant audience of the series.


Yaman, who was a young man from the Tozludere neighbourhood, after a stealing crime involving his brother Kenan, the lawyer Selim Serez, who opened his house when he was expelled from his house by his mother Nevin and his beloved Hasan, led a rich and closed life.

The series was received with great interest in Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Lithuania, Latvia, Pakistan, Romania, Chile and Arab countries. This success of the series made the leading actors Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarıkaya very well known and gained an important place in the history of Turkish television series.

Binbir Gece

Binbir Gece, starring Tardu Flordun, Ceyda Düvenci, Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel, describing the dilemma that a mother, whose son suffering from leukemia and a mother who needs a large amount of money for the treatment of her sons’s disease. Binbir Gece brought the story of Şehrazat, which is between sacrifice and love, to the screens.

The series was received with great interest in Europe, Arab Countries, South American coumtries (Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile), Russia, Indonesia.


Turkish famous actress Nurgül Yeşilçay and actor Erkan Petekkaya starring with this series.

Gülseren, who tries to raise her 14-year-old daughter in very difficult economic conditions, lives with her vision. Her life turns upside down as she tries to cope with her 14-year-old daughter, who has the ambitions to push the little world they live in.

It was making the final in Turkey began to be shown in other countries. The series, which was sold to the Balkans and South America, was screened on Romania, Greece, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.


A series called “Gümüş” starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Songül Öden, Ekrem Bora and Güngör Bayrak, about a magnificent life and a great love. Gümüş’s life changes with a news he received from Mehmet Fikri over the phone. Şadoğulları, a long-established family, chose Gümüş as a wife for their son Mehmet. Gümüş will be the wife of Mehmet, whom he has been in love with since childhood. Mehmet, on the other hand, is offended by a victim of a terrible accident that he believed to be the cause of his six-year love Nihan, which he opposed to marry his family a year ago. Mehmet, who closes the doors of love and love his heart tightly, begins to live a punk life to forget his pain. Mehmet Fikri removes Mehmet from this miserable life. The fight that Mehmet entered one night accelerates the plans that his grandfather prepared for him. Mehmet accepts to live the life that his grandfather will build for him from now on. Mehmet is forced to marry Gümüş. Mehmet escaped once and attempted to give up his marriage, and this scandal caused his father to have a heart attack and to die before he could get the news of marriage. Gümüş, who remains on the edge of the fairy tale he believes, treats this attitude of her husband.

The series, whose final episode was watched by 85 million people (you can establish an army or even a country with this number), has been sold to over 100 countries to date.

Adını Feriha Koydum

Within the framework of the rich boy-poor girl story,  Series, Rıza, who lives and lives in the basement of a luxury apartment in Etiler, discusses the events that developed around the housekeeper wife Zehra and their daughter Feriha. The beautiful actress who plays Nihal, the daughter of the Ziyagil Family growing in the mansion in Aşk-ı Memnu, will come to the screen as Feriha, the daughter of a poor family, who takes care of the rich life of her rich friends.

Feriha character, played by Hazal Kaya and Emir Sarrafoğlu character, played by Çağatay Ulusoy, were followed especially by young people. The fame of the series took its head and went from Ukraine to Pakistan, from Iran to Serbia, from Slovakia to Peru. The success of Feriha Koydum was not satisfied with this, some parts of Feriha were watched by tens of millions of people in India and Pakistan, one of the loyal customers of the Turkish TV industry.

Aşk ve Ceza

It published in Turkey in the period in which a critical mass was achieved. The drama made these two actors catch fame in Europe and managed to achieve a large audience in more than 50 countries where it was broadcast.

War, on the other hand, is a man of Van origin, but a career man with traditions. He tried to stay as far away from his family as possible. After his father’s mysterious death, he tries to ensure that the company remains modern by eliminating the dirty work of the company. His family forces him to marry his deceased uncle’s widow, Çiçek. And one day the paths of Yasemin and Savaş cross. However, there is already a bond between them. Your own little but big bond; Jasmine is pregnant from that night …

As such, they are already taking their place among the most-watched Turkish series abroad.

Kurtlar Vadisi

The Kurtlar Vadisi TV series, which grew up almost a generation, was already one of the sine qua non of this list. Although it is not watched as much as it is watched in our country, Palestine, which has a cultural structure similar to us in terms of film-series, managed to achieve high viewing rates in the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. Good job!


On the other hand, if Iffet’s best friend Betül has a secret she has managed to hide from all of them for years. Betül is in love with Cemil and is ready to do anything to get her. Cemil, who is the person he trusts and believes in, will be blown away by the dreams of Iffet, who relies on all the difficulties he faces to establish a happy home with his loved man.

Deniz Cakir gave life “İffet” has characters from the name of the series, has made an ambitious output had taken place in Turkey even in the weekend magazine program in spoken sequences. Although the first energy of the series turned off in the following episodes, it gained an interest in Macedonia, Afghanistan, Romania, Iran, Georgia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, and Croatia.


The story of the bourgeoisie, the land and love that changed hands. A family that has struggled to survive in the land it has owned, cultivated and gave life to for three generations. A father who did not operate his diploma just to rule the lands left from his ancestors, but worked for his lands. Father and all the joy of life, pride children. She is a beautiful girl who is connected to these lands as much as her father, who knows the language of nature and land very well. A young man who returned to his homeland years later; Iron. Rich, handsome, proud. Demir and his family have a big secret buried in these lands. This secret will cause lands, duels, power wars, and the life of two families upside down. This secret will make the strong feelings of Asi and Demir, who are trying to restrain their love, impossible.

The series, which was followed to the extent that Büyüküstün was loved by the Arabs and even opened fan pages in its name, was sold to more than 60 countries after the final episode. This success was even adopted to be nominated for the Best Pink TV Series category at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Dila Hanım

Dila Hanım tells the story of a young woman and her impossible love, Rıza Bey (Erkan Petekkaya), who provides her own justice, tries to resist the order ruled by the lords and gentlemen, who tries to stand alone, after her deceased husband.

Dila Hanım, whose love, worn family relationships and intrigue we have seen in Turkish TV series in general, was broadcast on Kazakhstan, Georgia, Iran, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Kosava and Bulgaria. The series reached an important audience in these countries where it was broadcast.


Karadayı predicts “the life he deserves for everyone”. Crimes against humanity are the first criterion in this. Intention to life and touching the weak is seen as the main crime. Although there are some characters who discuss crime in the series, Belgin character, which is part of the illegal organization and has a bad childhood in the orphanage, is important. At the hearing where he was going to be sentenced to death, “What about the evil done to me?” a woman who could ask.

Here is the real problem of reading this system of the series as good and evil. It is emphasized that this order is because the world consists of good and bad.

The success of the scenario has exceeded the borders of Turkey and was nominated for Best Drama Series award at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Karadayi was also broadcast in countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Serbia, Croatia and Pakistan.

Arka Sokaklar

Minor changes in the years cast though enthusiastically followed the (so we did not want to say many years followed with interest this series for his broadcasts) Our detective series “Back Streets”, according to this long bar could make in Turkey is no longer in it’s time for the opening to the world. The series was sold to Tunisia three years ago. It is estimated that after the series that nobody has an idea about when it will end, it will be distributed to all countries in the world with this trend.

Yaprak Dökümü

Yaprak Dökümü, adapted from the same name of Reşat Nuri Güntekin, brings the story of a family’s resistance to social and economic conditions to the screen.

Ali Rıza Bey, who devotes his whole life to giving good ideas and clean morals to his five children, resigns from his duty as a district governor when he is asked to overlook an injustice. When his daughter Necla passed the university exams in Istanbul, they decide to settle in Istanbul with their family.

Ali Rıza Bey’s retirement bonus begins to dissolve while the renovation of the old house from the family, Leyla’s university preparatory course, and the school expenses of Necla and Ayşe. Ali Rıza Bey starts working again. When he is asked to compromise his principles in his new job, he resigns again.

Since the conditions are more difficult now, Hayriye Hanım (Ali Rıza’s wife) does not support this decision and unrest begins at home. When Sevket, who returns from the military, starts to work in a bank, Ali Rıza Bey’s burden decreases. But things change when Sevket gives his heart to a married woman. Ferhunde deals with the reins in a short time. It changes the whole order of the house.

Ferhunde’s inexhaustible demands, Leyla and Necla’s unspecified expenditures put the family in a difficult situation. Ali Rıza Bey has no power to resist the resistance. Along with its economic power, it has lost its authority. The wind blows hard, the leaves of the tree fall out one by one.

The series was shown in countries such as Croatia and Bulgaria. It has reached more than 60 per cent viewership especially in Bulgaria and made its success talk.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul

While the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Balkans, Caucasus and Mesopotamia were looking for their new owner, our hero Ertuğrul was also looking for a new home for 400 tents. Ertuğrul, who defeated the Mongols and Turkmen lords and gave a homeland to Kayı, thus hid the founding secret of the Ottoman State in his own story. Here the series brings this epic story to the screen.

This series, which is also the first project that TRT sold to the Middle East, has been sold in more than 60 countries. “Diriliş” not only being shown on television: it also proved its success by watching millions of times in Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco and Qatar on the internet.


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