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ETHOS: Netflix’s Turkish Drama Series “Bir Başkadır”

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It has locked viewers from all walks of life at the head of the screen less than 1 week since the series aired, and it became one of the most talked about social media. Attracting attention with its story, which brings together portraits of different characters, the TV series “Bir Başkadır” was admired by the audience.

The Netflix series “Bir Başkadır”, consisting of 8 episodes, was broadcast on November 12. In the series, which attracts attention with its immersive plot, the meeting point of characters from various social circles arouses interest in the audience. However, there are valuable names in the cast of the series.

“Bir Başkadır” is about the changing lives of a group of people who are quite different from each other and live completely different lives. These characters will either have to take a new path or deal with a complex past.

Featuring talented actors such as Funda Eryiğit, Fatih Artman, Öykü Karayel, Alican Yücesoy, Nesrin Cevadzade, Bige Önal, Settar Tanrıöğen and Tülin Özen, successfully conveys the stories of characters with different economic conditions and experiences. Berkun Oya wrote the scenario and also is director of the series.

New Turkish Drama Series, Is A Real Portrait Of Turkey?

When it comes to Turkey’s it is impossible to define the society as conservative or secular. This synthesis of Eastern and Western culture that has been going on at the same time in Turkey and it also cause some sharp differences. Although this situation is perceived as wealth in a way, it also causes identity crises in a way. The teachings of the family and what modern life brings; those who are caught between, who live on one side and cannot see the other… “Bir Başkadır series deals with the bareest of people’s prejudices to each other’s lives.

The fact that people position the characters of the series somewhere in their own lives shows how close the series is to reality.

Of course, this situation is experienced with the same nudity in Western societies that receive immigration. For this reason, I recommend you, dear readers, to spare time for the series.

Let us come to the answer to the question above “New Turkish Drama Series, is a real portrait of Turkey?”. Of course, like every TV series, some sharp characters are taken into consideration in the society and the main objeckt is to focus on prejudice and empathy. But I am sure that you will definitely compare one of the characters to yourself or to someone you know.

I watched the series for 8 episodes in a row without a break. Contrary to social media comments, there were moments that I felt bored. The biggest factor in this was that I fully witnessed the cultural or religious belonging of the series characters in my own life and was not surprised by their behavior. The beauty of the series was that it revealed a problem situation with a bare reality.

At the end of each episode of the series, there are images of Istanbul from the past. In this respect, I think you will like it and I recommend you to watch it again.

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